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Superior Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1 | 11 July 2023 (Pre-order only)

Superior Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1 | 11 July 2023 (Pre-order only)

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One of the most memorable sagas in Spider-Man history, when Otto Octavius took over the body of Peter Parker!

When a dying Doctor Octopus swaps his mind into Peter Parker’s body, he sentences his accursed enemy to oblivion — and sets out to prove that he is the smarter, stronger…Superior Spider-Man! Upgrading Spidey’s costume and arsenal, Otto Octavius works wonders for “Peter’s” scientific career — but his much more violent approach to crimefighting doesn’t sit well with the Avengers! The ruthless new Spider-Man battles — and brutalizes — his way through Peter’s rogues’ gallery, including the Hobgoblin, the Black Cat and the Sinister Six. But will Otto’s fiercest fight be against the resurgent Green Goblin…or whatever is left inside his mind of the one, true Peter Parker? The modern classic Spider-Man saga that shocked the world is collected in a truly Superior Omnibus!

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